Mar 11, 2013


So it's been over 2 years since last I posted here on my blog. Quite a lot has changed over that time, I have. The direction of the blog, from what I can see, has become lost due to my inability to deliver what I set out to do, which was to create a subjectively funny blog about one of the mythological creatures I enjoy the most, zombies. I honestly ran out of material.

I come back though, because I plan to revive this blog and expand it further with other topics, topics that are relevant to myself, whether by inherent interest due to who I am as a person or an endeavor which I've set out to do.

A list of planned topics are:
Video game reviewing,
Weight loss,
And Writing.

For now, I'll sign off.

Feb 28, 2011

Public Transportation

Well this thing is a nightmare.....public transportation might just be the stupidest thing one can do here after shooting yourself up with aids. 2 - 3 hour waits, for a bus? and the changed the routes so now instead of taking 1 bus to your destination they chopped it off in 2 or 3 trips in different buses(supposedly, making the routes shorter would provide with a much quicker service....they were wrong) Anyways, I've been taking public transportation all my life, literally, when I was a small child(like 8) me and my brother (9 at the time) decided to tell my mom to let us take the bus by ourselves, why? Because she had to go out of her job, take a bus and reach our elementary then wait for us and THEN we all went home together....we thought that was a waste of time since we we're already grown up(kids always think that they're not kids) so we convinced her to let us go on our own.

I've never regretted it since it made me responsible of myself and made me conscious to the sacrifices my parents took for me, but taking the bus is truly an experience. I've seen so much shit that I could talk your ear off with stories but I think the funniest moment I passed was when a man was rapping/wooing a woman, her friend thought it was funny or something(they apparently didn't know the guy) yet he accidentally(probably in the course of the rapping) spit on the girl and all hell broke loose. She was pissed, she stood up shouting and insulting him displaying a wide vocabulary and then HE got pissed and they started shouting back and forth. Slowly tension grew and the man(no surprise there) wanted to get physical but the woman didn't want to back down and urged him on to fight her. As always I just sat patiently waiting for it to end and just like I predicted the woman's bus stop arrived and she left, and now THIS was the most fun part for me....The man then started preaching how much of a good christian he was, I didn't laugh in his face since I don't like disrespecting people that way but yeah, I thought he was a hypocrite.

That's a normal day on the bus for me....

Feb 25, 2011

Today's the day

Well today( as in later in the day since it's 1 am here) is going to be an eventful day, it'll be filled with a myriad different interactions and events that will sure scar my life for the rest of it in such a way that it just might define who I am as a person, that's right! I'm dropping out of college! Well that's a bit of a white I'll drop out of one college and enroll in another one, meaning that march next year I'll be graduating. Well anyways, I'm faced with two options at the moment. Me and my neighbor have sat down and discuss our goals in life, it was a small chat really since we didn't actually have any so we decided, why not join the air force? That's right! I'm enlisting! Well maybe or maybe not but right now it is a darn good possibility, see; ever since I was 15 I wanted to become a video game programmer yet now five years later, I know no languages(programming, I mean) and that goal is somewhat far from this starting point.

So I decided one of two thing, either do this one year degree thing and THEN go study video game programming OR do this one year degree thing AND enlist......or maybe study for a while and then enlist or enlist and then study video game programming.....right now my mind is a bit bitchy so I don't know what the hell I should do. One thing's for sure, I can't deal with theory....I just can't sit 2 hours listening to some teacher giving me a lecture about something I already know. See, the college I was in on is something I like to call a refuge, meaning that it houses people that weren't wanted anywhere else though that is not entirely true, since here on my island(beautiful as though it may be) there's only ONE place where you can study video game design, so that didn't give me a lot of options.

Anyways this was a money pit, meaning that most of the students who attended didn't even go to class and the graduation rate wasn't high and those that did graduate weren't all that knowledgable in their area. SO, I decided to call it quits and try something else for now (learn by practicing, is the new college's motto) so I'm gonna give THIS  a try since I can get certified in a year, plus it's cheaper than where I was going(it's $100 a month if I get the scholarship approved) so anyways, today's the day so, wish me luck!

Feb 22, 2011

Sushi Night

Hey guys, been a while....So......I didn't go to the beach or bough xbox live so this week has been pretty much a total waste. Anyways march is coming up which means I'll start college again....for the third time so yay for me! Haven't been called from any job places yet which makes me wonder wtf I'm doing wrong since I'm polite and hardworking(not joking, when work is involved I never lose my concentration...yet I still managed to get fired, though that's ironic since the only thing that motivated me to work hard was so I wouldn't get fired....guess I should have gone with the other option) but moving on to the topic I wanted to write about, sushi night.

I've never been a fan of sushi, though I love Japanese culture ( I love all cultures since I like the fact that they're so different form one another.) It's not that I don't like sushi but I didn't like the idea so much, since I can't tolerate seafood (I'll eat some fish from time to time but not one of my favorite foods.) Don't get me wrong I love going to the beach and fishing and diving and all that but I don't like eating shrimp or octopus or crab.....but sushi made me a believer.

Sushi was a new experience for me yet I quickly noticed something.....either you like it or not and I noticed that people that love sushi love it because they found their soul sushi(sounds stupid but it's not the first time that's happened to me) meaning that these people have become so enamored with a single roll of sushi that they no longer want any other type. All of my friends always ask for their soul sushi, for one it might be a crazy roll whilst the other likes the unagi dragon roll or w/e which was great for me since yesterday I had the urge to try sushi for the first time so I had 5 different types of which to choose from. I don't remember the names except those two I mentioned above but one thing quickly became apparent for me, I only like tempura rolls with soy sauce. I have no idea why but I just don't like it when the sushi feels all mushy but rather crunchy. 

Also I want to apologize to anyone if you keep reading expecting to see any zombie stuff, recently I don't have the brains to come up with survival shit and I don't want to read anything online since I don't like the idea of thinking that I'm stealing ideas(except from movies and video games, of course) but don't worry I'll upload something else some other day. I've decided to change this blog to whatever the f**k I want since it's easier for me to write about whatever's going through my mind at the day since I change my mind so much. Today I'm setting up a youtube channel since I think I'll start uploading Black Ops videos of me and my brother playing and commenting sometime soon(till now I'm playing Modern Warfare one with my bro 'till we buy  black ops, which will be soon) anyways, sorry for being so long but shit's been happening and I'll probably tell you all about in some other post so take care.

I'll leave you with this trailer for Dead Island(I loved it, not kidding):

Feb 17, 2011


Well yesterday was supposed to be a day when my brother, my father and I had some family time and yeah we had a LOT of family time. That day revolved around us paying all our bills and standing in line for hours but the light at the end of the tunnel was the fact that we'd eat out which we hadn't done in a while...well guess what? My dad payed his last payment on his SUV so it's officially his but alas fate fucked us in the form of blowing up the radiator which meant we were stuck with no way to go home for 4 HOURS!!! We'll we bonded that's for sure, anyways it was an overall okay day with nothing exciting going on though that's not much of a surprise there.

Now for the future plans, saturday is supposed to be the day when me, my brother and two more friends are going to the beach(though it's not really a beach it's more like a small island in the middle of the ocean...I live in the tropics so even in winter, it's summer) and it's going to be 4 guys and 7 women....they are all very attractive though I've only met two and my friends already started choosing which one they wanted(what an I say? we're guys) so I'm waiting to see what happens though I'm reluctant about going saved money was for my xbox live(I know it sounds pathetic but I've wanted xbox live for 5 years now and I know many attractive girls so meeting 5 more ain't all that and I KNOW I'll party with them sometime soon anyways) so I don't know whether to go to the beach or save the money. So it's down to which type of fun I want to have,,,playing online with my buddies kicking ass in all shapes and forms, or watching hot drunk girls in bikinis doing stupid shit....what do YOU think?

In the meantime I'll go play some Fallout 3, L4D2 and Oblivion to pass the time 'till the weekend comes....

Feb 16, 2011

Woke up and I feel like shit

Well, it's 7:30 am here in the tropics and it's the first time I've woken up this early since September of last year so needless to say, I feel tired. So today I have to do 125 different shits, hope I have time to do them all but I'll feel relaxed once I'm done...haven't had time for proper research into a new zombie related post, though don't give up on me 'cause I'll deliver. Updates on my life, I'm starting college again in march(3rd time) hope this one's the charm, I'm still jobless and I've trying to sell three psp for the past month and a half and so far people have tried to scam me 6 times, but I ain't such an idiot so as to fall for their schemes. "I've sent $780 dollars to your account but you have to send $530 to the delivery company before we release the funds to your paypal account" yeah right and I'm sure the tooth-fairy will come with a big bag of money as a birthday present as well. Also I'm saving up money for xbox live, a cat6 100 foot ethernet cable and CoD:BO....right now I have $6.56 so I've got some ways to go, but my neighbor is lazy as hell and pays me $20 dollars for doing anything(nothing sexual, though I admit that I wouldn't mind some of that giggity) so she's my piggy bank. Anyways I have to go, the day started early today and I haven't even had breakfast so I'll post something else later or tomorrow.

Here's something not zombie related which I found pathetic beyond reasoning, it's a high school musical manga.....WTF!?;

Feb 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! Oh, really? Fuck you!

Sorry for not posting for a while guys, i've had some problems with my ISP though they are now fixed. I was also messing with they idea of creating another blog, one with other subjects not zombie related but I figured, Fuck it. Once you stop and think about we are all pretty much zombies, living life mindlessly, consuming relentlessly without any thought other than feeding our hungers. Sooooooo I'm going to write about myself, you guys don't know anything about me and I'd thought than an introduction was long overdue so I'll start like this;

Hi! I'm a 20 year old bachelor celebrating single awareness day! nah but joking aside, today I saw too much hypocrisy which is a good change of pace. I like how showing affection has turned into such a materialistic endeavor, I like you! Here are some chocolates! Ugh, it's the same every year....zombies everywhere!!! I think I might start the zombie hunt a little early here in the tropics, moving on! I have yet to be called from the job interview so I probably didn't get the job, again. I find it easy to not have expectations since you don't get disappointed when things don't happen to go your way, though I'm the type who works his ass off harder than anybody else don't expect me to beg for a salary, I'd rather have to sweat for it. On another note, I'm joining the local football team...still don't know which position but one look at me and they'll probably make me a DT...I'll update when I have the info, anyways thanks for reading and I'll update with some info later today or tomorrow, stay tuned!

Here's the trailer for the movie called "Dawn of the Dead" and yeah you guessed it, it's about zombies. I actually enjoyed this movie though many people didn't like it but if you want to see zombie film to pass the time then yeah, i'd recommend it;