Feb 7, 2011

Much needed materials for survival

Well I don't know about you guys but I think it's handy to have some much needed supplies if you really want to survive the zombie apocalypse, here's a list to help you get started; Canned Goods, Bottled Water, a Machete and sharpening stone, Weapons and Ammunitions ,an Ipod and Duck Tape. This is a really basic list as to what you might need but to me this are ESSENTIALS meaning that you can probably figure out your way out of trouble with these items(okay maybe not but they're still pretty darn important.) Now I'll go deeper into why these items are SO important....to me.

First of all, Canned Goods; In the upcoming apocalypse you KNOW that the most important thing you will need to survive is food and what better way to have it than canned. First of all most canned food can be eaten straight from the can and if not then they are very easy to cook, there's chicken, there's tuna, there's spam, there's hundreds of foods to choose from and these little guys will save you space plus they last longer. You mught think "Oh this is stupid, everybody know THAT" but I can stress how important it is to have canned food AVAILABLE TO YOU. Meaning that the first thing to go are the supermarkets so have the canned goods ready in a box for when the time comes.

 Second is the water and if I have to explain why then I doubt you'll survive very long. Water is precious, not just because it composes the majority of what your body is composed off but because IT'S WATER! It's practically immortal in that little plastic bottle! You never know if the world's water sources become polluted or some weird shit like that so it's best to have a couple of packages ready just in case. Also, water's good for you so shut the fuck and stop complaining.

Thirdly, a machete and sharpening stone; It's common knowledge you don't bring a knife to a gun fight, but for a zombie fight? Priceless. Machete's don't need bullets and they will last you as long as you care for them and this is where the sharpening stone and water come in.  When chopping the heads of the undead it will probably cover your blade with weird and disgusting shit that will probably rust it so you HAVE to clean it with water(dry it thoroughly) and the sharpening stone is well......for sharpening.

Fourth,Weapons and ammunitions; I think you know why you would need guns and ammo in the zombie apocalypse so I don't think I'll dwell into that, some other time I'll tell you how to get your hands on a gun.

Fifth, an Ipod; This one to me is probably the most important one because people forget how important sanity is and that's what an Ipod is for, to keep your sanity, I'd recommend having one with great capability of storage(like 120gs or something like that) because if the world is coming to an end then its best to have some record of at least, musical heritage and besides, wouldn't it be great to kill zombies while listening to "Requiem for a Dream"? Truly epic. Battery life and what not are obvious concerns but I bet you can find a charger that uses batteries instead of electricity....you figure it out.

Last but not least, Duck Tape; duck tape is probably the greatest invention of man since the wheel and it is limited only by your imagination. Believe me there is NO situation that duck tape can't get you out off so grab yourself some ducktape, 'cause the hunt is on.

I hope this lists help you and tell me if you think if there is anything that you find essential that I forgot to mention.

Also, here's some basic training for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

This is Left 4 dead 2, which is available for both the XBOX360 and the PC, this game teaches you basically what is mostly consider the most important fundamental of zombie knowledge which are teamwork and a shit load of weapons, anyways I recommend you play the game if you haven't already just so you know what to expect. See you guys, later! And watch out for zombies!


  1. Hahahaha thanks for the post dude, now I know what to have if zombies invade my neighborhood!

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  2. i would definately bring some books too

  3. If zombies invade i'd probably just get drunk and wait for the end lol

  4. Duct tape solves all problems. ;)

  5. now the world is very complicated so we have all do Yoga

  6. i love so much Left for dead 2 , this game is awesome.

  7. niice post, thats an essential list

  8. THis is why i stock up on guns every chance i get.

  9. that's a good point regarding the lack of ammo needed for a machete